Tobacco Free Missouri is a coalition of organizations, agencies and individuals working together on education and public policy advocacy to reduce tobacco use and increase access to smokefree environments to improve the health of all Missourians.

Father and Child

Strategic Initiatives

Smokefree Air for ALL Missourians

Only 100% smokefree air can protect workers and patrons from toxic secondhand smoke. TFM advocates strengthening the statewide law to include 100% smokefree and e-cigarette free protections in all workplaces, bars, restaurants and casinos.

Save Lives, Save Money

TFM is committed to increasing funding for comprehensive tobacco prevention and cessation programs.

Increase the Tobacco Tax

By far, Missouri has THE LOWEST tobacco tax in the nation. TFM advocates for a meaningful increase in the price of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products which can only be achieved by a vote of the people.

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Protect Missouri’s Youth

Federal law designates the age of sales of tobacco products as 21. TFM strives to support local communities in strengthening provisions and enforcement mechanisms to ensure these addictive and deadly products do not end up in the hands of youth.

Our Board

Tobacco Free Missouri’s board is made up of diverse and dedicated professionals who are passionate about change.

Jennifer Sykes
Joy Sweeney
Michelle Shikles

Tobacco Free Boone County

Linda Cooperstock

Tobacco Free Boone County

Cynthia Dean
Cara Erwin
Kevin Everett

University of Missouri

Lorna Frahm
Emily Kalmer
Traci Kennedy
Michelle Li
Leah Martin
Kathy Pabst
Claudia Rodas
Jenna Wintemberg
Valerie Howard (ex-officio)